Pool Party!


2 responses to “Pool Party!”

  1. laurahere333 says :

    I mean, I think this is hilarious and amazing.

    Big dudes who want to hang out with big dudes. I think it’s interesting that someone commented that it seemed fun because guys could just “relax” without bitchy women around. For me personally, walking around a cement pool area half naked with booze in hand is the opposite of relaxing whether there are men or women around.

    Is the idea that social outings aren’t “relaxing” if we feel obligated to play social roles, obligated to hit on girls or to notice them or pay attention to them etc. The same goes for women, maybe it’s exhausting to go out and be hit on by guys and having to look/act sexy. So, what I would say to them is, maybe just stay home?!

    • samuel2112 says :

      I guess you’re right…its not relaxing. This “gay culture” seems so closed from women it’s almost like gender separatism. I do not think the Lesbian movement has the same type of separatist female bonding the way gay men do, do they?

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