Retention of Semen=Enlightenment?

Hey Sam- here are my comments on the article above:

Much like good old antiquated Catholicism, it appears that the Krishna Consciousness has equally dogmatic ideas about how faith and spirituality manifests itself within us. Catholics live lives obsessed with sin, confessing those sins and saying Hail Marys to ask for a God or branch thereof to bless us.  And I don’t think I really need to mention the whole priests and little boys phenomenon. I know that you and I have both said we don’t buy into all that.  But here in this article it says, “It’s Kali-yuga; we’re all fallen.” Yikes.  Don’t we turn to Buddhism as a spiritual alternative to the browbeating of other God-heavy, sin-heavy religions?  According to this brief article about reaching consciousness, we are told that our natural inclination to ejaculate is wrong, and that by holding it in we will reach enlightenment.  Gosh, if it was that easy to reach enlightenment, why isn’t everyone doing it?  Maybe because squeezing our natural human processes into a regimented system (created by an all powerful guru somewhere) is an absolute denial of all the things given to us as human beings in this world.  I personally am hesitant to adopt any belief system that seems didactic enough to quote a line like, “Wasting semen is also illicit sex.”  Who exactly is deciding what sex is illicit and what isn’t?  Who exactly are we upsetting in the big sky up there? We are also told to modify our sleeping habits, our eating habits, our bowel movements, take cold showers and monitor who we talk with and listen to.   Take it from a lady who’s been on a lot of diets, the cookies and the cake never disappear no matter how much you tell yourself you are never going to eat them again.  Much better to enjoy one cookie instead of 20.

You have a dick that is capable of ejaculating and experiencing pleasure, you have a mouth capable of tasting delicious things sweet and sour and non vegetable and all, you are surrounded by people with thoughts and emotions and things to teach you, and you have the ability to stay up all night and watch the sunrise across the ocean if you like- it seems like these pleasures of life on this earth, not some secret future place of nirvana, could feel as wonderful as any idealized enlightenment.  I wonder if it makes sense to restrict yourself in hopes that you are saving up for the great revelation that comes someday.  You ever hear the story about the poor woman who died with a million dollars stashed in her mattress?  What good was that?  I’m an atheist of sorts, and I believe that you only get one life so instead of worrying about reaching a higher plane, or telling yourself that preserving semen will make you a better person, you should look around what you’ve already got to figure out how to be a better person.

If you want to be a monk in Tibet, you can laugh at my silly little thoughts as you till the fields at dawn and make incense sticks for the rest of your life.  Perhaps you have already been given the tools for enlightenment, but starving yourself from pleasure may be unnecessary, maybe just a change of perspective.  There is a buddhist saying, “The greatest worth is self-mastery.”  So master yourself and your desires according to YOUR highest self, not that of some Swami and his devotees who maintain a website.

Hey Laura

Good point on how repression of sexuality or any type of pleasure is not the answer.  Yes indeed religions have hurt many people in making expressions of sexuality shameful.
People should be able to enjoy our god given sexuality without feeling remorse.
However as a spiritual (not religious man) who is currently celibate I do agree with the first. Part of the article. The article states that scientists have analyzed semen to be rich in hormones,proteins,vitamins, minerals,ions,enzymes,trace elements, and other vital substances.

The article further states by natures arrangement ,semen,when mixed with the ovum,is sufficient for the procreation of a new person. By natures arrangement also,if semen is not used for procreation but is kept within,it nourishes the body and brain in a way impossible for any tonic or dietary aid to emulate. The current craze for vitamin and mineral supplements is an attempt is an attempt to make up for self-imposed deficiencies. Most people don’t know that they are passing out their very life energy with that essential body fluid.  If semen is lost, all bodily and sensory functions are weakened.
In my own life as a man currently celibate I feel more vigorous and ironically sexier!
I guess I am being nourished by seminal vitamins…This is just my experience of course, for what its worth.

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