So I am doing this “celibacy thang” for a while-see how it goes. I am feeling free… free of the constant need to “get laid”. I am feeling free and independent. This morning, as I have been doing for the past week, I go to the local lake to meditate and watch the sunrise. It is early in the morning, still before dawn. The sky is starting to lighten. I see the beautiful reflection on the water and a bird flying overhead. I am free.
Suddenly, a  woman comes by to meditate as well. She is right next to me. The woman is attractive to me. Geez, I still have a potent sex drive. I am humbled. We begin chatting away about how beautiful the sunrise is. We both share our observation about the concentric circles in the water caused by flying fish. We both marvel at the wondrous beauty of nature. It is an awesome feeling to share in the moment. We were both in “The Now”.  After chatting and sitting next to her for a while, we both parted ways.

The song “Animate” by my favorite band Rush, from the 1993 album “Counterparts” pops into my mind.  The song written by lyricist Neil Peart is based on the Animae-Animus theory by Carl Jung. Jung implied that each man unconsciously is trying to find his female counterpart to complete him. Similarly, each woman is trying to find her male counterpart to complete her.

Polarize me
Sensitize me
Criticize me
Civilize me
Compensate me
Animate me
Complicate me
Elevate me

Goddess in my garden
Sister in my soul
Angel in my armor
Actress in my role

Daughter of a demon lover
Empress of the hidden face
Priestess of the pagan mother
Ancient queen of inner space

Spirit in my psyche
Double in my role
Alter in my image
Struggle for control

Mistress of the dark unconscious
Mermaid of the lunar sea
Daughter of the great enchantress
Sister to the boy inside of me

My counterpart, my foolish heart
A man must learn to rule his tender part
A warming trend, a gentle friend
A man must build a fortress to defend
A secret face, a touch of grace
A man must learn to give a little space
A peaceful state, a submissive trait
A man must learn to gently dominate

Polarize me
Sensitize me
Criticize me
Civilize me
Compensate me
Animate me
Complicate me
Elevate me


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2 responses to “Animate”

  1. laurahere333 says :

    Jung’s theory that the feminine anima/animus is repressed in the male psyche also talks about the feminine side as a “shadow self” or to go all Star Wars on you, the DARK SIDE. I don’t know if that necessarily means that we are feeling incomplete and searching for our “other half”, on the contrary, we might be scared of finding the dark side of our selves.

    Finding the other half is a lovely idea though, mentioned in Plato’s “Symposium”…. It seems to me that Jung was investigating a man’s relationship to HIMSELF and his own impulses and actions. While confrontations with women were probably affected by the level of inner awareness/awakeness- I think that love is somehow sidestepped here. Sex seems like a more immediate mental bi-product of investigations into habits, control, sensitivity, and discussions of the self.

    That being said…

    I went to a Karaoke bar last night where a guy stood up and did a slightly sheepish version of “Fuck Her Gently” by Tenacious D. A guy at our table laughed at the lyrics and one of the girls snapped, “No don’t laugh, this song isn’t funny.”

    “Fuck Her Gently”

    This is a song for the ladies
    But fellas listen closely
    You don’t always have to fuck her hard
    In fact sometimes that’s not right to do
    Sometimes you’ve got to make some love
    And fucking give her some smoochies too
    Sometimes ya got to squeeze
    Sometimes you’ve got to say please
    Sometime you’ve got to say hey
    I’m gonna Fuck you softly
    I’m gonna screw you gently
    I’m gonna hump you sweetly
    I’m gonna ball you discreetly
    And then you say hey I bought you flowers
    And then you say wait a minute sally
    I think I got somethin in my teeth
    Could you get it out for me
    That’s fucking teamwork
    What’s your fave posish?
    That’s cool with me
    It’s not my favorite
    But I’ll do it for you
    What’s your favorite dish?
    I’m not gonna cook it
    But I’ll order it from Zanzibar
    And then I’m gonna love you completely
    And then I’ll fucking fuck you discreetly
    And then I’ll fucking bone you completely
    But then I’m gonna fuck you hard

    Maybe she’s right. The song isn’t funny, but maybe kind of true?
    The RUSH song feels like a call to your shadow self lover but Tenacious D is all about your real girlfriend. Any similarities???

  2. samuel2112 says :

    Very interesting stuff. As I reflected on the song Animate I realized how as a man it is crucial to my sanity that I find the feminine within me.

    If I am seeking a female to complete me or feminize me, I am screwed. A man must learn to enjoy solitude and tap into his feminine and nurture himself. Only then can he have a healthy relationship with a female.

    The song animate is a great lead in to the song fuck me gently! After a man has learned to be independent and nurture his feminine side he becomes a much better lover. I think of what author herb Goldberg called “fusion sex” in his classic book “the hazards of being male” when lovemaking is a oneness experience -penis and vagina become one body. There is fusion. Sex becomes holy. The orgasm is a most intense pleasurable experience. Sex between a man and a woman in the power of now. I envision myself and a woman embraced in a passionate karma sites or Tantric sex just enjoying a most sacred moment. I am surely “fucking her gently”.

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