The Manboobz Challenge

On the Forum Manboobz, Holly Pervocracy had a challenge to MRA’s

MRAs: Take The Manboobz Challenge!

Post Basically, it was a call to MRA’s to find an MRA/MGTOW website that does not bash women and just focus on mens issues. In addition,

on a posting from 8/5/11 on the same site a woman named Par1ka wrote to me

“You alleged that there are all these MRA/MGTOW blogs that don’t talk about women at all, it’s all about fellowship and male bonding. So…show me an MRA/MGTOW blog where there aren’t these angry/bitter articles about everything that’s wrong with women. Happy Bachelors obviously doesn’t fit the bill. If the majority its self-purported “best” articles are mostly rants about why women are so awful, and that’s the bit that even non-members are allowed to see, then there does seem to be a negative fixation on women of sorts, or some desire to give the impression of a negative fixation. After all, they so readily flaunt these anger/misery-filled articles.”

Okay, this is my confusion. Perhaps Holly is right in a way, many MRA/MGTOW blogs do bash women and men vehemently vent against women.  Even on some MGTOW blogs that call for gender separatism, many men criticize women. Conversely, I have seen Feminist blogs where women vent against men. What is ironic about Holly’s challenge is she as a feminist seems infatuated with MRA’s who allegedly say they want nothing to do with women but still blog about them. Her fascination with MRA’ who contend to ignore women but still blog about them, is just like the MRA guy who want nothing to do with women but still blog about them.

Even in my own life, as a self described MGTOW, I hate women but  love women.  It may be the specific quandary, that men and women (including feminists and MRA’s) are cursed to suffer a love/hate relationship and why not? It is very difficult not to despise a particular group of people that has such a hold on one’s heart.  This is just my opinion, for what it’s worth.


2 responses to “The Manboobz Challenge”

  1. Lily says :

    There is a constant refusal by both sides to take into account what the other side really wants. This stems from being brought up in a world that constantly tells us what we want and need. Our inability to truly define what makes us unique, a chance to embrace our own personality leads the poison spewed on both sides of the spectrum.

    Truthfully, I think the MRA side is full of a bunch of whiney men who cannot handle strong women. I also feel like the far feminist agenda is filled with a bunch of women who don’t want to be bitchy, they want to be taken care of and loved but refuse to give in to their base instinct because it would be seen as weak.

    Casting stones from glass houses, both sides swear they don’t need the other yet constantly obsess about what the other side is doing. Why not focus on what YOU want and what YOU need and seek your own happiness? Why is everyone so concerned with what everyone else is doing? I don’t have to keep a man down in order to be happy. I don’t have to comment on what the MRA movement is doing…oh, wait, I just did. Pot, kettle, black, I suppose.

    • samuel2112 says :

      Oh Liliy, “a bunch of whiney men” you say on MRA blogs. For years men were the silent sex, afraid to speak up to communicate their anger towards women. Then women complained about men not being able to communicate, that men stuff their feelings. Now that men are speaking up on various MRA sites, we are called “a bunch of whiners” I mean what gives?

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