MANBOOBZ? Obsessed with MRA’s as MRA’s are obsessed with Feminists?

Yesterday, I had a post on the alleged hypocrisy that some feminists have said about the MRA movement. As mentioned, some feminists have claimed that it is utter hypocrisy for MRA’s  to vent that they want nothing to do with women (especially the MGTOW movement) yes still use much blog space to vent against them. Some feminists have stated that if men want to “go their own way”,  stop ranting about women.Just go.

This brings me  to comment on  The ManBoobz blogs. This blog is almost meant to be comical in a way in which it mocks the most egregious forms of misogyny found on various MRA sites. The craetor of the blog David Futrelle writes “Misogyny. I mock it. I find many of the most egregious and entertaining examples of it on Men’s Rights and Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) sites.”

About half of the regular commentators on the site are women. Futrelle will post daily an excerpt of a blog from an MRA/MGTOW site and usually mock it. Admittedly, yes the blog can be quite entertaining, although as an MRA I find it a bit upsetting at times that excerpts from more moderate MRA blogs like The National Coalition of Free Men are not posted. But that would cancel the point of Futrelle’s blog.
Inasmuch as about half of the commentators of Futrelle’s blog are women( feminist and non feminist) who regularly follow the happenings of  these so called hypocritical misogynistic MRA guys. I say to these MANBOOBZ female commentators “MRA’s, you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them.  is the website address.


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